SUSTAIN Biennial

SUSTAIN Biennial was held between 23rd-30th November 2013 with 36 participants from teachers, headmasters, parents, The artwork from the biennial was exhibited in Kurtköy Doga School’s for 8 days. The teachers and experts also accommodated in Kurtköy Doğa School.

The focus of this year’s biennial is “World Citizenship and Democracy” as one of the sub themes of Sustainable Development Education. We cordially invited teachers from pre-primary & primary schools to create their own lesson plans and exhibit their students’ artwork with the theme of “World Citizenship and Democracy” in the biennial. 54 Lesson plans related to “World Citizenship and Democracy” implemented in partner countries. These lessons’ outputs were exhibited in SUSTAIN Biennial.

Apart from exhibition, concurrent sessions were organized.

Pedagogical methods for teaching the (Cyrillic) alphabet ( 60 Min.) Art “Action Painting” Active methods to improve the quality and motivation in learning situations (30 Min)
Mariya DIMITROVA Nuray ATAŞ Ana-Maria ENE and Maria GRIGORE

Music performance & Drama activity Art “Action Painting” Marbelling
Cantekin KAFALI and Bülent SEZGİN Nuray ATAŞ Jale DENIZALTI

The SUSTAIN Biennial is arranged at the end of the project to disseminate the results of the project and raise the awareness for the sustainable development. The next edition of this event will be organised in 2015, in Bulgaria, having the theme “sustainable development”, and the sub theme selected by the participating teachers to 2013 Biennial. According to the teachers’ choice, the theme of the Biennial 2015 will be human rights, peace and justice.