Links with other Comenius Projects

These five EU LLP projects under the subheadings as Comenius school partnerships and Comenius Multilateral and Comenius Regio Projects are related to Sustainable development.

In these projects Sustain project's aims and activities, Sustaining Development themes, Education for Sustainable Development concepts and approaches and the SUSTAIN collaborative platform was introduced. SUSTAIN files, leaflets and bookmarks are distributed.

To obtain the approbation of the Lesson Plans as the Project Good Practices we invite the teachers to visit the project database to implement and adapt the Lesson Plans in their local context. This crossed implementation process will prove the effectiveness and adaptability of the lesson plans.

1 - Comenius School Partnerships Project
" NLC-Natural Learning Concept ( "
Project No: 2010-1-TR1-COM06-13683-1
We carried out "Nature Based Learning Concept" of which the children learn through experiences and in a natural environment to the world. Thanks to the being in cooperation with students and teachers from four countries, the project will bring together different cultures. The purpose of our project is to engage the learners and pupils who are away from the nature and natural learning through teaching in nature concept because of the urbanization & technology. Since pupils can learn happily when they are oriented towards the natural environment and they immerse themselves in the fantastic aspects of life. The project will contribute the pupils to develop their cognitive creativity, improve problem solving skills and focusing their attention on the task at hand. Within the scope of the project; there will be established natural observatory rooms, organized international exhibitions, film festivals, recorded a music album, performed dance shows along two years. Thus, both the children and the parents will be provided a unique experience.
Leading Country: Turkey-Kartal Doga High School
Partner Countries: Swiss, Poland

On 6th March, 2012 in Szkola Podstawowa z Oddzialami Integracyjnymi in DUSZNIKI- ZDROJ a seminar was held for teachers. Sustain projectís aims and activities, Sustaining Development themes, Education for Sustainable Development concepts and approaches and the SUSTAIN collaborative platform were introduced to class teachers by Duygu Dogan. The common link between NLC & SUSTAIN was underlined. SUSTAIN leaflets are distributed. A sample SUSTAIN Lesson named Rubikís Cube (Thinking Skills Course) by Ramazan Sezer given to the students.

2 - Comenius School Partnerships Project
" Reflection of Multicultural Character Development "
Project No: 2010-1-TR1-COM06-16274-1
The purpose of this project is to educate & introduce our cultural values to others and their own to ours. Acquisition of Multicultural perspective has of paramount importance for the sake of multi cultural development of early child learners. Therefore, the richness of different cultures in the world can best be introduced through an early education via parents, education centres, society, storytelling etc. This project will be implemented for 2 years with other partners from different European countries that are agreed to be a partner based on these three main themes for the character development. The main themes are: (a) Responsibility; (b) Sharing/Caring; (c) Helping.
Leading Country: Sariyer Doga Kindergarten, Turkey
Partner Countries: Spain, Hungary, Poland

3 - Comenius School Partnerships Project
Project No: 2011-1-FR-COM06-24439-4
Nowadays, Individuals do not pay enough attention to the protection rules of environment. There is an urgent need to develop new strategies to raise individual's awareness about environmental problems. The project aim is to develop pedagogy of values in our schools; to strengthen friendship ties between teams in different public schools. We think that we can get together our power to make changes. So, the adolescents become not only aware also sensitive to environmental problems. Our project "Let's respect to environment, and support European citizenship" is built on two main themes: (a) Respect to environment; (b) Respect to people in environment. All the Project partners are sensitive to environmental problems. And a lot of actions were carried out to sensitize children to environmental problems such as activity with Poland (Word Week), three-dimensional art event in Portugal, botanic garden activity in France.

On 17th April, 2012 in a seminar was held for teachers in Istituto Comprensivo Statale di Diano Marina Sustain projectís aims and activities, Sustaining Development themes, Education for Sustainable Development concepts and approaches and the SUSTAIN collaborative platform were introduced to pre-primary & primary teachers. The common link between RESPECT & SUSTAIN was underlined. SUSTAIN leaflets are distributed.

4 - Comenius Multilateral Project
" TC4PI: Teacher Competences For Plurilingual Integration with the Education "
Project No: 526596-LLP-1-2012-1-ES-COMENIUS-CMP
According to the Guide for the development of language education policies in Europe, plurilingualism forms the basis of communication in Europe and provides a more concrete basis for democratic citizenship. Plurilingualism is viewed as a value and competence, that is, a means of communication and a common and diversified way of relating to the Other. The main reason for starting this project is the identification of a notable lack of clarity as to which competences are required for teachers in order to integrate an intercultural dimension in plurilingual education. This situation requires rethinking teacher education. There is an important visible lack of continuity among the different in lifelong training stages according to the lifelong training policy claimed by the European Commission: starting in pre-service teacher training (University stage) and continuing through in-service teacher training.

5 - Comenius REGIO
" Connecting People and Planet "
Project No: 2012-1-GB1-COM13-185782
The aim of the project is to create an online network among teachers and students from 11 to 14 through encouraging cooperation, exchanging new ideas in language based on the social, environmental and economic aspects of sustainable development that are the core of Natural Learning Concept at Doga Schools and Winterhill Secondary School. DECSY will set up the project web site and virtual learning platform that will be updated and developed during two day local teacher training sessions, cross region implementations and feedback/ reports from the project experts. The virtual learning space will compromise zones for the students and teachers including online language activities, lesson plans, records, methodological articles including cultural and natural diversity to prove how ICT can enhance, rather than detract from, a relationship with the human and natural world. Doga Schools and Winterhill Secondary School act as the content providers on the thematic areas connected with issues currently important for the UK and Turkey which are: using educational learning technologies, integration, multiculturalism in schools, the outdoor classroom, eco-literacy / skills for sustainable living, innovation and enterprise through ICT, the use of English as an international language in Turkish schools and MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) in the UK schools. The project aspires to focus on teachers acquiring new teaching methods and using them correspondingly with ICT in the classroom via two day local teacher training sessions in partner countries, cross region implementations with partner schools and .quiz show. forums on the virtual learning space. Guidelines for the effective use of the virtual space and project leaflets will be disseminated to teachers, policy makers and the general public in one-day dissemination seminars in partner countries. Relationships will also be established through visits to CORES (Centers of Renewable Energy Sources) in each region with a view to these Centers further using and disseminating the learning from this Project, sustaining the impact well beyond the time frame of this Project.

6 - COMENIUS Accompanying measures project
" Key Methodology to Successful Competence Based Learning "
Project No: 539401-LLP-1-2013-1-BG-COMENIUS-CAM
KEYS aims to valorise achievements from completed projects aimed and acquisition of key competences for LLL and thus to provide support to teachers and school educators for implementation of competence based education congruent with the requirements of the contemporary life. The project intends to capitalise on the achievements of 5 Comenius Multilateral Projects implemented in the recent years and to promote their outcomes by disseminating them among school teachers and wider target group of educators in new national and international contexts. One of the five projects is SUSTAIN.