Private Doga Education Institutions (DOGA) TURKEY

Doga Schools, founded in 2002, has got 8 campuses in Istanbul, comprising 39 schools from kindergarden to Upper Secondary level, 15000 students, 1000 staff members. The aim of Doga ("nature" in Turkish) schools is to provide an individual development for pupils in a way that is multi-directional, participative, creative and sensitive. The love for nature, the idea to learn with nature is at the center.

Doga schools gives also great importance to integrate ICT. All classes are equipped with smartboards. "DOGA online" is a virtual library enabling teachers and pupils to follow curriculum subjects online. "E-HOMEWORK" offers pupils facilities to do their homework interactively/online, it is used also for preparing projects, and exams. Parents and teachers can check pupils acitivities.

"E-Doga" enables parents to reach information like the time schedule of their children, teachers, schedules/results of exams etc. "E-Doga" is used to form an educational triangle pupils - teachers - parents.

Center for Creative Training Association (CCTA) BULGARIA

Center for Creative Training Association (CCTA) is a non-profit association, established with the aim to work for public benefit in the field of educatio.& aims to contribute to the positive change in the field of education and training - a change to practical education which effectively masters key competencies and helps learners to enhance their potential for successful social and professional realization & addresses its work mainly to the young people in the school age. It develops programs for out of school activities which offer balanced and comprehensive development of the personality of the youngsters, encourages free communication and creative approach to the knowledge.In addition to the work with young people also offers wide number of teacher training prgs, aimed at dissemination of interactive methods and innovative approaches in teaching. In 2009 CCTA started developing a network of partner-schools in BG, which currently has more than 40 active members & continues to expand.

Valahia University of Targoviste (VUT) ROMANIA

Valahia University Targoviste is a State University, founded in 1992. Its structure comprises 8 Faculties (long-term courses of 3 or 4 years). The University proposes 28 licence's degree specializations, 26 Master's degree courses, doctoral studies (in History, Materials Science and Economics), teacher training courses and distance / lifelong learning courses. 12,000 students attend all forms of study, guided by 350 teachers. As an organizer of teacher training / distance learning courses, together with the experience gained in Socrates-Comenius projects (as coordinators and partners), the university staff involved gained an important experience on working with virtual instrumentation, collaborating platforms and web-sharing instruments.

Centre for Creative Development "Danilo Dolci" (CCDDD) ITALY

Centre for Creative Development "Danilo Dolci" is a non-profit organisation composed by youth and adults. Our main field of interest is education. Our organisation is based on the educational and working experience of the pacifist Danilo Dolci who worked in Trappeto and Partinico, and throughout all of Sicily. Through self-analysis, nonviolent means, meetings that involved thousands of people, it was possible to create the conditions for a real change and development. The Centre originally had the aim of promoting the reciprocal maeutic approach (innovative approach developed by Danilo Dolci) in schools and educational institutions and social partners and train teachers and educators in this innovative and human methodology of education.