Local Workshops in Turkey

The Local workshops shown in the following table in Turkey were held to introduce SUSTAIN project and present the model of competence-based learning; the concept of early development of key competences in pre-primary and primary school education for sustainable development. Furthermore, the participants were motivated to test, develop, upload and share their good practices combining with the use of the project database. The groups presented sample lessons integrating sustainable development themes, key competences and interdisciplinary teaching. Also on September 12, 2012, Assistant Professor Doctor Sertel ALTUN from Yildiz Technical University was invited to Doga Schools to introduce key competences, and interdisciplinary teaching. She watched the sample lessons produced by teachers and gave her feedback and the LPs initiated in these Local workshops were uploaded to the database.

17-24 MARCH 2012 2 DAY LW with RO expert 17-24 MARCH 2012 ATAKENT 22 Pre-primary and Primary Teachers
12.09.2012 LW with Dr. ALTUN 12.09.2012 ATAŞEHİR 18 Pre-primary and Primary Teachers
07-08 FEBRUARY 2013 2 DAY BEYKOZ LW 07-08 FEBRUARY 2013 BEYKOZ 26 Pre-primary and Primary Teachers
06.04.2013 ATASEHIR LW 06.04.2013 ATAŞEHİR 18 Pre-primary and Primary Teachers
06.09.2013 BIENNIAL LW 06.09.2013 ATAŞEHİR 27 Pre-primary and Primary Teachers